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Rua Antônio Carlos 429 Shop - Consolação - São Paulo
(between Augusta and Haddock Lobo streets)
Shop Phone: (11) 3289-3446
Restaurant Phone: (11) 3283-1292 e (11) 3262-5591

Our shop, next to the restaurant, offers a great variety of products, directly imported from India. Finest cutlery, plates, glasses, as the ones used at the restaurant, pots, pans and other utensils, everything 100% high quality stainless steel. Table mats with Indian patterns, pure massala incenses, several decoration items, cushion covers, pictures, Deities painted over silk, posters, CDs, DVDs. Devotional articles, such as japa mala, rudraksha mala, for mantric meditation. Books on philosophy and cooking. Some of the grains we serve at the restaurant, besides and infinity of special teas, including tchai, instant tchai and flower tea, and spices for all means, not to mention the massalas carefully eleborated by by Chef Nrihari . Rose water and Orange Blossom Water, Rose syrup, ghee, gersal, lemon herbs and a lot more. We take wedding gifts list, birthday gift list, etc. We can also make special kits upon consultation.